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Robert Giannone
Managing Director, PNC’s Capital Markets Group
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How to Protect Earnings

The recent spike in foreign currency volatility has taken a big bite out of earnings from both a transaction and translation perspective. This presentation will help explain these issues and explore strategies for mitigating the currency impact on earnings and cash flow.

Presenters: Robert Giannone, Thomas Armes
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Title Description Subject Area
How to Protect EarningsHow to protect earnings from foreign exchange swings
The recent spike in foreign currency volatility has taken a big bite out of earnings from both a transaction and translation perspective. This presentation will help explain these issues and explore strategies for mitigating the currency impact on earnings and cash flow.
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PNC Perspectives on the MarketMarket update and outlook
Please join PNC's investment and economic professionals, Jim Dunigan, Stu Hoffman and Bill Stone as they take a look at important events impacting today's markets. They will share their thoughts and address your questions.
Investments, Market InsightsLearn More »
Fighting CybercrimeFighting Cybercrime: What you need to know today
Anyone with access to funds movement services needs to be aware of the latest fraud schemes and how to recognize potentially fraudulent or malicious activity. Representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and PNC will provide definitions of the most prevalent schemes, along with strategies to mitigate risk. 
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2015 M&A Outlook2015 M&A Outlook: Seizing opportunities
Seizing opportunities   Merger and acquisition activity was strong in 2014 and significant opportunities for high quality companies continue into 2015. How can your business take advantage of trends in the market? If you are considering buying or selling a company in the next few years, this webinar will provide valuable insight for your key decision-makers.
Maximize Cash Flow, Mitigate RiskLearn More »
PNC Perspectives on the MarketMarket update and outlook
Please join PNC's investment and economic experts, Bill Stone, Bill Cevallos and Stu Hoffman as they take a look at important events impacting today's markets. They will share their thoughts and address your questions.
Market InsightsLearn More »
The Coming Interest Rate HikeHedging strategies you should consider
Ongoing volatility in the bond market and the potential shape of the yield curve once the Fed makes its decision are among the issues that you should be considering. Interest rate caps and swaps can be useful tools in dealing with uncertainty. But what’s the best solution for your company?
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The Affordable Care Act UpdateThe Affordable Care Act Update: Navigating its changes and challenges
Dealing with the many facets of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a highly challenging endeavor for companies of all sizes. Changing regulations, the evolving nature of the exchanges, new options for individuals, implications for wealth planning and taxes are just a few of the issues that must be addressed.
Mitigate Risk, Manage AssetsLearn More »
Managing Currency RiskManaging currency risk with foreign exchange options
Some currencies have been locked in extended periods of rangebound trading while others have experienced significant one -directional moves. Options can deliver protection and an opportunity to gain back what may have been lost in an adverse move. 
Mitigate Risk, Go InternationalLearn More »
Virtual A/P CardsA working capital case study
Join us to hear firsthand how one company realized significant gains within 12 months of implementing virtual accounts payable cards. We will discuss how a fast ramp-up generated a significant reduction in working capital while extending days payable outstanding. Topics will include:- Working capital reduction and days payable metrics, tips to enroll suppliers, and a model for supplier negotiations
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Increase Your Company's Value Companies are being rewarded for increasing their rates of return on cash flow
Topics will include:- Cash flow as a measure of company performance- Capital allocation as a key determinant of value creation- How key metrics apply to private and public companies alike
Manage AssetsLearn More »
Conditions in the Loan MarketThe role of capital markets and hedging strategies
Topics include: - Update on the treasury market, Federal Reserve and regulatory environment- Current rate environment and hedge pricing- Overview of current conditions in the loan market
Mitigate Risk, Manage Assets, Market InsightsLearn More »
Dodd-FrankDodd-Frank: Key implications for corporate treasurers
Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act imposes a new regulatory regime on the U.S. swaps market. As a swap dealer, PNC must comply with these requirements and there are a number of regulations that will directly affect you, the swap end-user.
Mitigate Risk, Market InsightsLearn More »
Affordable Care Act ChallengesThe impact of recent developments on your organization
Our panel of healthcare and treasury management leaders will provide insight to help you address these issues and more: - Recent changes, including the postponement of the employer mandate reporting requirements - Characteristics of the new exchanges- Selecting a policy through an exchange - Healthcare economics background
Mitigate Risk, Manage AssetsLearn More »
Managing Currency Risk Managing currency risks with international transactions
Companies buying, selling or capitalizing a foreign business often overlook potential and ongoing currency risks including currency impacts on valuation, financial statements, and capitalization. This webinar will provide specific, actionable information on currency risk management, including: pre-close exposure/hedging, managing the currency impact of capitalization decisions, financial statement impact and more.
Mitigate Risk, Go InternationalLearn More »
FX policies and best practicesImproving your foreign exchange policies and practices
As companies increase engagement with international trading partners and markets remain unpredictable, they must develop and adopt effective foreign exchange risk strategies. This webinar will cover why you need an FX policy, elements of an effective policy, forecasting, budgeting and planning and considerations for the period between trade execution and maturity.
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China UpdateChina: Finding opportunity in recent changes
China is the world’s second-largest economy and continues to have very bright growth prospects. Yet doing business there can be highly challenging.  This webinar will provide insight into recent changes in the Chinese financial climate and the potential impact of China’s new currency liberalization policy on your prospects for success.
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Treasury Management UpdatesRegulatory and Security Update for Financial Institutions
As regulations become more complex and cyber security ever more important, financial institutions need be ready for current and future challenges. Key topics include: Complying with new Dodd Frank Regulation E requirements Reducing fraud and money-laundering through Know Your Customer tactics Enhancing security with new on-line safeguards
Mitigate RiskLearn More »
Managing Interest Rate RiskManaging interest rate risk in an age of uncertainty
With a watershed election just around the corner and national and international markets more unpredictable than ever, managing interest rate risk requires both insight and informed strategies. Join us as Tina Hwang, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, and Todd English, Director, with PNC’s Capital Markets Derivative Products group discuss:• Current market conditions• How regulatory reform might affect your business• Managing risk in a low interest rate environment
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Trends in Defined Contribution Plan DesignCurrent trends in retirement plans
This Webinar examines trends in retirement plans, including features and functions. It also covers fee disclosure requirements, including vendor-to-sponsor and participant fee disclosures and ends with a question-and-answer period.
Manage AssetsLearn More »
Getting paid for international salesInternational payments and risk mitigation
Do you know the safest ways to get paid for an international sale? The U.S. Commercial Service & PNC Bank help with our "Making Exporting Easier" web-based seminar that outlines the common international methods of payment used in global trade and risk mitigation tools.
Mitigate Risk, Go InternationalLearn More »
Doing Business in Canada and MexicoBusiness considerations in Canada and Mexico
US, Canada and Mexico represent the world's largest free trade area, created in 1994 through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA has opened up unprecedented opportunities for companies throughout the US. In this webinar, we explore what businesses need to know to enhance their success in Canada and Mexico.
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New Treasury TacticsSources of working capital
Few treasurers or CFO's could have predicted the full implications of the credit crisis. The impact has left some treasurer's scrambling to maintain liquidity and looking for ways to minimize the long-term damage to their organizations. While traditional sources of working capital may be restricted, the lowest cost, most reliable source of working capital might be right under your nose.
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